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The Law & Governance Specialization integrates a sustained empirical engagement with the field to promote transformative experiential learning and critical reflective interrogation of received narratives. The Clinical/Field engagement requirement of the Law & Governance Specialization extends across the third and fourth semesters at Azim Premji University, and is merged with the 6-credit Independent Field Project.

The Law & Governance Specialisation has adopted a “project model of clinical education” that will engage students in a wide range of non-litigation advocacy and transactional work – for example, projects can involve legislative or policy reform, community economic development, community legal education, or discrete problem-solving on behalf of an organizational client. The skills and tactics utilized in projects may include community organizing, legislative drafting and advocacy, strategic planning, policy research and analysis, media relations, or a combination of these. While recognising that a social justice mission is at the core of clinical education, a clinic may take up a project in any area of development (with strong linkages to law and governance) depending on client needs, the clinical supervisor’s or students’ interests, Azim Premji University’s teaching goals, a particular community’s social justice priorities, and other relevant factors. Through projects, clinics will work toward systemic change and law reform and fill a need for legal/governance services that is currently not filled through any other means. At the same time, projects will address the values dimension of social justice by helping students see the role that ethical developmental practitioners can play in supporting systemic change and in advancing justice through service.


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