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Official Reports


In this section, we will provide links or upload documents that are published by departments,ministries of governments that are related to our current project. Please click on the name of the item to access the document/link.

  1. Sixth Report of Second Administrative Reforms Commissions by Dept of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances(Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions, Government of India)
  2. Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act,1993
  3. Annual Report 2014-15 (English)-Department of Rural Development& Panchayat Raj (Govt of Karnataka)
  4. Kolar_District_Human_Development_Report_Kannada_Version_2014
  5. Kolar_District_Human_Development_Report_English_Version_2014
  6. Ministry of Panchayat Raj : At a glance
  7. Final Citizen Charter 2013-14 by MoPR
  8. Karnataka Panchayat Raj Act (Amendment) draft bill, 2014
  9. Strengthening of Panchayats in India : Comparing Devolution across states – A report by TIIPA, New Delhi
  10. Release of Basic grants to the state governments for rural local bodies during 2015-16
  11. School Development and Management Committees : Research report by Center for Child and Law
  12. Best Practices in Panchayats Management and Service Delivery by MoPR,Govt of India
  13. Study of Panchayat Finances in Karnataka: A report by IDE, Mysore
  14. A Handbook for Gram Panchayats : To help them plan,implement,operate, maintain and manage drinking water security
  15. Introduction to HDI : Human Development – Performance of Gram Panchayats in Karnataka-2015: A report by ANSSIRD&PR , Govt of Karnataka
  16. Village HDI in the State :A report by ANSSIRD&PR,Govt of Karnataka
  17. Village HDI across Districts : A report by ANSSIRD&PR,Govt of Karnataka
  18. GPHDI Ranking in the State :A report by ANSSIRD&PR,Govt of Karnataka
  19. GPHDI Ranking in the district : A report by ANSSIRD&PR,Govt of Karnataka
  20. Report on State-wise status of devolution to Panchayati Raj Institutions, prepared by PRIA, 2004
  21. Nurturing Panchayats to Grow-The Gram Panchayat Organisation Development-A process document by Avantika Foundation
  22. Constitution Of India
  23. 73rd Amendment Act
  24. Best Practices on livelihood & natural resource management

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