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Academic Resources

    1. The Anatomy of Failure-RCT & Ethnography Study of Intervention in North Karnataka
    2. Overview of rural decentralization in India: Volume 1 (A study by The World Bank)
    3. Political Economy of Panchayats in South India (An EPW article by Timothy Besley, Rohini Pandey, Vijendra Rao)
    4. Institutional variations in practice of demand responsive approach: evidence from rural water supply in India (An article by Satyapriya Rout)
    5. Participation of village women leaders in community action program: (An article by D.D. Suradkar, J.V. Mande and B.T. Kolgane)
    6. Panchayats versus Forest Protection Committees : Equity and Institutional Compliance in Rural Development Forestry (An EPW article by Manish Tiwary)
    7. Panchayats: The dark side
    8. Panchayat Finances and the Need for Devolution from the State Government (An EPW article by Anand Sahasranaman)
    9. Making Panchayats Accountable (An EPW article by Anil Kumar Vaddiraju and Shagun Mehrotra)
    10. Local Government: Conflict of Interests and Issues of Legitimization (An EPW article by Medha Kotwal Lele)
    11. Local Governance without Capacity Building : Ten Years of Panchayati Raj (An EPW article by D Narayana)
    12. Local Organizations in Decentralized Development : Their Functions and Performance in India (A book by The World Bank)
    13. Local Governance in Developing Countries (A book by The World Bank)
    14. Kultikri: West Bengal’s Only All Women Gram Panchayat (An EPW article by Ashim Mukhopadhyay)
    15. Karnataka: Strengthening Gram Panchayat (An EPW article by M.Y Ghorpade)
    16. Panchayat Raj: Women Changing Governance (An article by Devaki Jain)
    17. Interfaces in Local Governance in Karnataka (An EPW article by Kripa Ananth Pur)
    18. Information for Accountability
    19. India-Implementing Social Audits by Yamini Aiyar
    20. Governance reforms under real world conditions: Citizens, Stakeholders, and Voice (A book by The World Bank)
    21. Gender and Public Goods Provision in Tamil Nadu’s Village Governments (The World Bank Economic Review article by Kiran Gajwani and Xiaobo Zhang)
    22. Governance and the ‘Karnataka Model of Development’ (An EPW article by Gopal KadekodiI, Ravi Kanbur, Vijayendra Rao)
    23. Democratic Decentralization and Citizenship (An EPW article by Sarada Muraleedharan,IAS)
    24. Decentralization in Kerala : Peoples Plan (An EPW article by S MohanaKumar)
    25. Collective Action and Community Development : Evidence from Self-Help Groups in Rural India (The World Bank Economic Review article by Raj M. Desai and Shareen Joshi)
    26. Caste, Politics and Public Good Distribution in India: Evidence from NREGS in Andhra Pradesh (An EPW article by Rishabh Khosla)
    27. Evidence_from_NREGS_in_Andhra_Pradesh
    28. Meeting Today’s Governance Challenges: A Synthesis of the Literature and Examination of a Future Agenda for Scholarship (An article by Adriana Kayzer published by Ohio University)
    29. Implications For Local Governments- (An EPW Article by M.A Oommen)
    30. Lohia’s Thinking on Local Governments (An EPW Article by Mahi Pal)
    31. Strengthening Local Governments-Towards Rural Fiscal Decentralization in India (An EPW Article by Shikha Jha)
    32. Local Self Governments and Geometry of Biodiversity Conservation- A Damodaran (An EPW Article by A Damodaran)
    33. Analysing Panchayat expenditure and revenue
    34. Role of Panchayat in rural development- IIPAmaping political context-a toolkit for civil society organizations
    35. Maping political context-a toolkit for civil society organizations
    36. GPHDI Report & summary
    37. Administration and the people: higher bureaucracy needs radical reforms
    38. Village-Reconstruction-Charter of Tagore
    39. Constructive Programme – M K Gandhi
    40. Tagore- City & Village.
    41. Rabindranath Tagore on Rural ReconstructionGandhi Hind Swaraj

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