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In this section,  clinic members writes about important literature reviews and also share their field engagement experiences. Please click on the name of the item to access the blog post.

Field Updates:

  1. First Visit To Kolar…
  2. My first impressions…
  3. Differences between ?
  4. Water and Sanitation Committee Meeting- Bethamangala
  5. Why did Malur Taluk Panchayat Office won Nation’s Best Award ?

Review on Kolar District Human Development Index Report -2014

  1.  The Local Governance Clinic and the Kolar District Human Development Report -2014
  2. A brief overview on research methodology and indexes of the report
  3. Brief introduction to Kolar district , Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and Nangali Gram Panchayat
  4. HDI Status of Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and of Kolar District
  5. Status of Literacy and Education in Kolar district and in Mulbagal TP
  6. Status of Health and Nutrition in Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and in Kolar district
  7. Why Village Water Committees are important in Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat?
  8. Income, Poverty, Employment and Standard of Living in Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and in Kolar district.
  9. Gender and Development in Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and in Kolar district
  10. Status of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in Mulbagal Taluk Panchayat and in Kolar district
  11. Governance and Human Development in Kolar district


  1. Our Work Locations
  2. Review of Forest Rights Committees in Andhra Pradesh


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